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Bruce Robinson is a singer/songwriter and former Major League Baseball player with the New York Yankees and Oakland A's. Bruce splits time between homes in Idaho and California. He began writing songs in 2008 and wrote 26 of the 33 songs on his new double CD, “IN GOOD HANDS”, in a 10 month period between November 2011 and August 2012.

Bruce Robinson Music Bruce was born and raised in the beach town of La Jolla, California. Excelling at sports and loving music from age 8, Bruce didn't seriously begin playing guitar until his college years at Stanford. Following his junior year graduation, Bruce was a 1st round selection of the Oakland A's in the Major League Baseball draft. Bruce could nearly always be seen carrying his guitar on road trips throughout his ten year professional baseball career.

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Bruce Robinson Music Bruce's lasting legacy on the game of baseball won't be his playing, as his career was cut short due to a drunken driver injuring his throwing shoulder. Instead, his lasting touch upon baseball will be his innovation for the catcher's chest protector. The Robby Pad, a hinged flap designed to protect the catcher's throwing shoulder is worn by nearly all catchers today, from youth leagues to the Major Leagues. One of two original Robby Pads resides in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

Enjoy the lyrics in the song booklet of the new CD while listening to Bruce Robinson's fabulous Americana music, a collection of lyrically articulated country, blues, jazz, rock and ballad originals.

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